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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Up coming Titles

Dear Esteemed readers,

We thank you for being loyal to our romance book series, the number in Africa!

Part of our our efforts to saying thank you is our 'series gift package' which starts the beginning of November 2011 to end of January 2012.You only have to buy three of our books and cut out the coupon page and return to us, voila! you got a gift.

We will give thousands of our readers the opportunity to also meet with our writers, along with a celebrity of their choice in Nollywood.  All of that and the many juicy stuffs we will communicate you.

Stay in love.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011



The delicious aroma of the coffee was much stronger in the kitchen. She poured herself a sizable portion, and took it to the bedroom. Karen called again.

‘Did you have a nice sleep?’
‘Yep, slept like a baby’
‘Great, and my cousin?’
‘What about your cousin?’ she said defensively
‘I’m just asking after him’
‘Well… he’s fine’
‘He’s fine?’ Karen reiterated.
‘That’s what I said’
‘It’s an open ended question’ Karen said mischievously.
‘Ehen, okay give me a lead’
‘Did he host you well…you know the like’
‘You know I hate to complain’
‘Yes, but I also know you can be bitchy’
They broke into laughter.
‘Well if giving me dinner is a grading for hosting, he failed’
‘If you are waiting for Adam to cook for you, you’ll starve to death’
‘But his refrigerator is well stocked’
‘He doesn’t cook for a woman’
‘Are you serious! That’s archaic’
‘Get your booth out of bed and cook. So you starved last night’
‘I eat sandwich’
How long are you staying’
‘Not sure, but seriously thinking about later today’
Relax, he won’t eat you. If there is a place you need quiet, it’s his house’
‘Thanks but….’
‘You have an itchy finger to touch him’
‘Naughty you, no way. I just don’t feel…’
‘Look he has that effect on all my friends, he doesn’t know he is attractive though’
‘Don’t be silly, what effect are you talking about’
‘You are asking me…you are already incoherent. Isn’t he handsome?
‘I have seen many handsome men in my young life’
‘Please don’t give me that celebrity, A list artist gimmick. He is a pretty boy’
‘I never said he is not’
‘He just sent me a text now’
‘He did?’
‘Wait…. it says…I didn’t know you keep friends who peep at their friends cousins in the bathroom’
‘Oh my God’ She prayed to die again.’
‘Got you now, just what I was talking’
‘This is outrageous, how could he do that’
‘Do what? Did you peep or not’
‘Karen that silly!’
‘Don’t so uptight, he is joking’
‘Now that’s an accusation, I was just passing and the bathroom door was opened’
‘I believe you’ Karen said and burst into laughter.
‘Whatever’ She replied, very angry with him.
‘Look one of the reasons I sent you to him is he doesn’t even know who you are. He cares nothing about super star musicians’
‘Great! Will you come pick me up at least? I got into this house with just the clothes on my back and my phone. Nothing more’
‘I can’t’
‘I have a mad schedule, make it evening. Meanwhile take your bath, cook, eat, and write some hit songs’
‘Good idea, I could write a song about an egocentric man who thinks a woman is peeping at him in the bathroom’ She chided
‘Wonderful, I know you’ll come up with something fantastic’ Karen gave an hysterical laughter. ‘Got to go see you later’

Professor Kadiri must be a very silly man, Adesuwa thought as she let the phone drop on the settee.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On a Raining Night (Un edited)

11.58 pm

She is alone on the desolate wet street, shivering vigorously as the downpour of the heavy rain continues. She was soaked up to her shoes, and the tears racing down her eyes mixed with rain droplets as they land torrentially on her face. She felt like the rain is slapping her!

Yes the rain is angrily slapping her for her foolishness. How could she trust him again!

As she trudges on the side of the road sniveling, with occasional car headlamps picking out her slim curvaceous figure, she cursed the day she met Bayo.

The evening gown she is wearing is drenched and stuck to her lithe body, she is unhappy, angry and determined as she continue her hike. Deborah who are you deceiving? Her mind kept chiding. She is not going to walk from Ikoyi to Surulere.

She had tried the first six people closest to her-those who would help her out of the ‘sorry’ situation without asking any questions. Her parents are away in the Caribbean enjoying their thirtieth anniversary. Her best friend is sick, and she could not reach her elder brother- the networks must be conspiring!
The last two people would not just pick up their phones. A bad day!

She could call Segun. No way! That would just encourage him, beside she would not like him to see her in this state. This certainly is not the time to  hear ‘ I will never treat you like this’

Options: she could wait for a taxi that might never come (the city is completely shot down because of the heavy rain), or pray for a good Samaritan to pick her up, and the last and most dreadful option-walk home.

Okay she is walking home as she hopes for option one or two. Her mind is clouded like the pregnant sky above her head.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Exclusive to you......

The Police Love Story

She is a sensationally attractive crime fighting police officer...
He is an extremely handsome life saving medical doctor...and their paths crossed in the most unlikely manner. They fell in love in a sudden magical moment.

Will their new found love blossom? Especially as the bad boys of the underworld are zealously after their lifes.

Join Bode Keshinro in an explosive, love soaked and action packed romance saga!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A V I P Welcome to you all

Ladies and gentlemen, may we officially welcome you to Butterfly Romance blogsite, Nigeria’s newest romance story factory! We must thank you for visiting, and we know you will also thank us in return, because you will get lots of fulfillment from visiting our blog site.

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This week, we are sharing with you one of our hot new series coming up:

Monday, 25 July 2011

From Butterfly Romance with Love....


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Prologue: Police Love Story


‘Just one more kiss officer’ he said holding her closely, his fingers dovetailing behind her, and his strong arms encircling round her slim waist line.
She looked at him closely for some few seconds, then gave him a quick kiss on the lips, wriggling out of his embrace at the same time.
‘Satisfied?’ she asked, her hands akimbo. They are standing by the road side on Adeniran Ogunsanya, his car parked some meters away. Her  police team are also  parked opposite the road in two black pick up vans. They seemed enmeshed in serious discussions, but she knew they were watching.
‘Honey I’m at work, and I am not comfortable kissing you in front of my subordinates’
‘Look dear, it’s an opportunity to teach them something-teach them about love’
Oh Mr. lover boy, you think you are the only one in love with your wife? She broke into a sweet smile.
‘I don’t know…but I know that I am that man who married the most beautiful woman in the world. I am the luckiest man that ever lived.’
‘There you go again…’ She could feel her heart swell with love and happiness. She feels very special with him. He pulled at her hands gently.
‘How about a quick early dinner, then we see a film later in the evening, and we have the whole night to ourselves’ he made the motion of the bed creaking in a funny gesture and busted out laughing.
‘Stop embarrassing me in public will you? She feigned anger
‘Then come inside the car for some exciting private moment’
‘We’ve been together virtually all day, I have to go or I could be late’
‘ I want more of you’ He said his eyes twinkling
‘You have all of me’
‘Okay smart girl! I want you back by 5pm’
‘Yes sir! Now pretty boy, I will do better than that, I will drop in at 12noon for a quick lunch and a raunchy kissing session. Make sure you home’
He pulled her lithe ebony body slowly towards him and place a long kiss on her lips. ’That’s what you get for talking smart’
She suddenly busted into laughter, then he joined her. They held each other for some time.
‘I love you’ He whispered
‘I love you more’ She whispered back.
‘I love you most’ He countered.
‘I love you most, most’ she cooed.
‘I love you scatter, and that’s final!’ they busted into another laughing spree. An elder woman walking by gave them a smile.
‘I think they know us already’ He whispered
‘They call us the love birds’
‘Hmm’ he said thinking about one of their exciting nights.
‘Hmm what?’
‘Hmm nothing’
“Get serious for once’
‘Seriously one more kiss’
‘I will prefer the privacy of the car’ she said.
He released her hands and she immediately crossed to the other side of the road, towards where the police vans are parked. She blew him a kiss laughing naughtily.
‘Your punishment will be fifty kisses’ he whispered to her.
She smiled back and gave him a smart salute. She stepped inside the van’s passenger seat and the team sped off.

Ramsey stood watching the exit of the vehicles. He smiled to himself.
He had married an angel.

Monday, 18 July 2011

List of our upcoming 'Hot' Tittles


*The Police Love story
*Candle Light Dinner
*Blind Date
*Grandma’s Love Diary
*The Honeymoon
*The Look in your Eyes
*Another Love Song
*Hot Number
*Love Me Back
*Walking the Isle
*Pearls, Rubies and Love
*You Stole My Heart
*Love Is Honey
*Whirl Wind
*Pounding Heart
*Walking The Isle
*Love From Dakar
*Ladies Man
*Broken Hearted?
*The Wedding Ring
*My Number One
*Love Portion Recipe
*Love Traffic
*Cats and Mouse Lovers
*Kiss, kiss and kiss
*Whisper of Love
*Who gets the wedding ring?


Wedlock from Heavens….

Many years of absence and distance separated them, but love brought them together again.
It was a love that survives plenty of years…even from birth. Right from Nigeria to Switzerland, Russia and France, then back to Nigeria, it became a dangerously explosive love saga.

In a whirlwind of emotion where love, hatred, passion, jealousy and an urgent need to destroy rules the day, Wedlock from heavens evolve to a classic.

The Police Love Story
She is a sensationally attractive crime fighting police officer...
He is an extremely handsome life saving medical doctor...and their paths crossed in the most unlikely manner. They fell in love in a sudden magical moment.

Will their new found love blossom? Especially as the bad boys of the underworld are zealously after their lifes.

Join Bode Keshinro in an explosive, love soaked and action packed romance saga!

Another Love Song

How come the 'bad girl' of the entertainment industry, and the 'young Einstein' of our time fall head over heel in love?

Yes she called him a 'boring young professor' and he lamented she is a 'spoilt egocentric music star', they were never in the same world!

So what created the 'special bridge' their linked their heart together in love.

Join Bode Keshinro in another exciting love saga!


It was 9 o’clock Saturday morning. The sun slightly orange, bright but not very hot. It  was just appearing on the horizon and slithering into Itoro Effiong’s bedroom through her expensive lace contained window blind. Very unlike her, she was still sleeping that time of the day, and surprisingly too in deep sleep- not very good.

As if bent on waking her up, the slithering sun shone brightly on her face, piercing open the enveloping foggy sleep realm that had captured her.

Slowly she came awake on the bed, with a dull headache and strong feeling that all was not well. Like rising from a crazy long tiring trance, she instinctively felt for the other part of the king size bed that was supposed to be empty. Her carefully and well manicured fingers, one of them hosting her wedding ring touched a body beside her. Unusual.

Her husband Ubon is away in London, at least the last two years now, doing business and ‘packing the money of a life time’ it would never be him.

Suddenly she jumped up as if a current of two hundred volts was passed inside her body. She became crazy. Sleeping with a smile and snoring mutedly in half naked abandonment on her bed was Emeka Njoku, her next neigbour. She gave a deafening piercing scream.

Emeka, practically jerked out of his sweet dream, with the same fierceness as Itoro’s scream, fell off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Immediately he picked himself up and dived for safety, beside the built in wardrobe, coiled in a foetal position. The sleep and the contented smile disappearing from him. He was yet to comprehend what was happening, opening his eyes he could only see a crazy Itoro and instinctively he had dived hoping to protect himself.

In a flash, Itoro had seen Emeka’s over pampered hairy body, as he dashed from the bed and squeezed himself beside the wardrobe. The bastard. He had taken advantage of her, an opportunity he has been waiting for, for more than two years.

Last night she had taken one too many at the send-forth party of her immediate boss Mr. Adeleke who was retiring. It had all been exciting, not because she would be taking over from him as the Operations manager, but because of her colleagues, with their small talks and pat on the back, the congratulatory smile, and the drinks which she didn’t even notice as she tucked them in. The general atmosphere at the Ocean view venue was also electric. Of course every one at the party had noticed that she was slightly drunk, as she was slurring with a noticeable glint in her eyes, even during her short impromptu speech.

She is not one for much drinking-a social drinker, but she had continued to gulp glass after glass with people raising eye-brows. A stupid fit for an inexperience drinker. Though happy about her promotion, she was frustrated-she had no one to celebrate with not even her own husband. After all the fun-fare, she would be going back to an empty house, an empty bed. Ubon had not even bothered to call. So frustrating!

How did Emeka got into her bed? She tried recalling. She had alighted from the car, a little giddy and unstable, holding on to the driver for support. Seemingly like a magician, Emeka had appeared at the gate and had taken custody of her from the company’s driver. Like a good neigbour, he had promised to take her inside. Trusting him the driver had left, leaving her in the claws of a wolf. In her drunkenness, heightened by the cool breeze of the night, and the need for her husband, she must have thought he was Ubon.

Apparently she had started kissing and caressing him, especially when her increasingly building passion and need for a man broke. Two years is a long time especially for a passionate woman. Emeka had taken her up on it, carried her off the ground like a baby doll, unlock the gate and walked into the compound and straight into the bedroom to undress her. The rest was for the archives.

It was not unusual for men to look at Itoro twice or even thrice, she is awesomely attractive, with an intelligence that is acute. Emeka Njoku her neigbour, her lewd admirer, and an addict of the female flesh had accosted her several times. He wanted a fling with a beautiful married woman whose husband is naïve enough to leave her behind in his wealth hunting in Europe...


Constance Ngozi Nwachukwu is crazy about me and I know it, so does every other person in the world! Unfortunately she seemed to be the only one oblivious of this blatant fact.  She is a slave driver, mean, and very bossy, the truth is she derives immeasurable and almost orgy like pleasure in ‘working and driving me crazy. My friends told me I am paying the penalties for the sins I committed against the women race, but of course, I know it is just the trouble of having a woman for a boss. Without being vulgar and being very literary, I think she likes the idea of ‘women superior’.

It is 8 o’clock on the dot, may be give or take some few seconds, that is the exact time Constance arrives office every day. I just saw her new Model Toyota Camry driving in through the gate and passing behind my office, my heart gave a violent tug. Not that I am frightened one bit, but she would come into my office any minute now, demanding for this and that, and why XYZ and every other thing in the world has not been done. Even the fully turned on air conditioner could not stop me from sweating profusely, tiny droplets of sweat form on my forehead. I heaved a sigh and steel myself for her barrages of heavy dose questions. Practically, Constance Nwanchukwu is a pain in my neck.

As the head of marketing of an Independent television production company,(I was given the big title of General manager marketing), the successes of the company hugely rest on the performance of my team, and rightly on my shoulders too. If I don’t get advert placements for our many programmes showing on televisions stations across Nigeria,  and ‘money’ does not come in, then there is no need for me coming to the office. The company will simply fold up. Now even when I am successful in getting adverts, collecting our cheques from the clients, especially the shylock advertising agencies is an Herculean task. Palms have to be greased, ego messaged, and smiles flashed every where. The folding up reason explains why every second literarily speaking, Constance is on top of me, of course there is more to it. The major problem is she neither understands how that section of the industry
works, nor its politics. It’s an ocean with many sharks.

From the long well lighted corridor leading to my office, which also host the stair case leading to our production department at the second floor and the general office of the marketing department, series of ‘good morning madam’ greeted Constance. I could picture her walking briskly, nodding at the subordinates greeting her, and flashing her ‘PR’ smile, with a file probably in her hand and her personal assistant running breathlessly behind her to keep pace. She had definitely studied the file en-route the office, and her ‘PR’ smile would suddenly disappear once she gets to the door of my office. Here she comes.

Knock, knock, she comes in frowning.

‘Good morning Mr. Achebe, what is the meaning of this?’ she did not disappoint me, it is her usual opening sentence. She dropped the file I had envision she must be carrying. Her well sculptured face was a mask of anger, but she still looks very sensational. Today she is wearing a beige pin stripe trouser suit, which complemented her light complexion smooth supple skin. Unarguably, she has one of the best curves you could ever see in a woman, the shape Kunle my ribald deputy named the ‘hi-tech shape’ and I think she knows it. Her beauty and brilliance totaled to self confidence, and a drive you hardly see in women. She is both Macavellic and angelic in that order.

‘Mr. Achebe, can you explain the meaning of this?’ She stood akimbo in front of my desk giving me a portrait view I so much love. Her silver bracelet dangles on her wrist and her palms rests on her curvy hips. The finger nails are painted brown and I notice she has on a light brown lipsticks, I felt like kissing her pouted lips.
She deserves a kiss for running an efficient organisation.



Adesuwa Williams is happy and sad at the same time. Happy because she just won four MTV awards- one the most celebrated African music awards, beating big time artistes nominated along with her in the four most competitive categories. She is also excited because her latest album is selling by the thousands, and breaking all records, she’s been nominated for both the Coral and Grammy for the best African acts. It was all unbelievable, and naturally she was very animated, the subsequent events had made her giddy with elation.

A number of companies are already approaching her for endorsements, shows and concert are getting over-booked, and series of press conferences and interview are lined up. She has signed so much autographs that her fingers ache, every one wants to be associated with her, already she is billed to feature in two films. She is on top of her game, and the glitz is reeling. For a long time this has been her dream, and she had worked hard for it. she sits back in the comfort of her first class seat musing.

She is sad because the negative publicity is getting increasingly worse, even her family is beginning to complain. It had caused her four years relationship, her finacee left her at the climax of it all. She had suddenly become the toast of all gossip columns; the entire media seems to have gone crazy about her. Several tagging were attached to her name-she is a nymphomaniac, a lesbian, a drug addicts, a nudist, and mistress to many high power politician and business men, it was all so awful. She could no longer have a decent conversation with ordinary people without them checking her out for all the result of her whims. These days she wears sleeveless to show that she has no needle marks on her hands and wears no dark shade so it is not misinterpreted for hiding a drug addict’s glassy eyes. She is an untried convict. Hers is the greatest pain behind the fame. It’s all so nerve wrecking!

All the good men seem to have suddenly dried up. many of those who wants to date are only interested in her fame and probably money. How she missed Osahon -her fiancé. He knew and loved her when she was nothing, and it was true love. At the height of it all, he had demanded she quits her entertainment career and settle into private business since she has made some money. She had refused, thinking he was jealous of her successes or insecure about losing her to another man. Initially he had not been disturbed about all the terrible things the media write about her, then he began taking things serious when he saw a picture of her being held too tightly by a popular male musician in the glitterati pages of a local magazine. She never believed he could leave her, she had been heart broken. Now she heard he’s engaged to some other women, it cuts like a knife.  She felt like crying again....