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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On a Raining Night (Un edited)

11.58 pm

She is alone on the desolate wet street, shivering vigorously as the downpour of the heavy rain continues. She was soaked up to her shoes, and the tears racing down her eyes mixed with rain droplets as they land torrentially on her face. She felt like the rain is slapping her!

Yes the rain is angrily slapping her for her foolishness. How could she trust him again!

As she trudges on the side of the road sniveling, with occasional car headlamps picking out her slim curvaceous figure, she cursed the day she met Bayo.

The evening gown she is wearing is drenched and stuck to her lithe body, she is unhappy, angry and determined as she continue her hike. Deborah who are you deceiving? Her mind kept chiding. She is not going to walk from Ikoyi to Surulere.

She had tried the first six people closest to her-those who would help her out of the ‘sorry’ situation without asking any questions. Her parents are away in the Caribbean enjoying their thirtieth anniversary. Her best friend is sick, and she could not reach her elder brother- the networks must be conspiring!
The last two people would not just pick up their phones. A bad day!

She could call Segun. No way! That would just encourage him, beside she would not like him to see her in this state. This certainly is not the time to  hear ‘ I will never treat you like this’

Options: she could wait for a taxi that might never come (the city is completely shot down because of the heavy rain), or pray for a good Samaritan to pick her up, and the last and most dreadful option-walk home.

Okay she is walking home as she hopes for option one or two. Her mind is clouded like the pregnant sky above her head.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A V I P Welcome to you all

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