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Monday, 5 March 2012


The delicious aroma of the coffee was much stronger in the kitchen. She poured herself a sizable portion, and took it to the bedroom. Karen called again.

‘Did you have a nice sleep?’
... ‘Yep, slept like a baby’
‘Great, and my cousin?’
‘What about your cousin?’ she said defensively
‘I’m just asking after him’
‘Well… he’s fine’
‘He’s fine?’ Karen reiterated.
‘That’s what I said’
‘It’s an open ended question’ Karen said mischievously.
‘Ehen, okay give me a lead’
‘Did he host you well…you know the like’
‘You know I hate to complain’
‘Yes, but I also know you can be bitchy’
They broke into laughter.
‘Well if giving me dinner is a grading for hosting, he failed’
‘If you are waiting for Adam to cook for you, you’ll starve to death’
‘But his refrigerator is well stocked’
‘He doesn’t cook for a woman’
‘Are you serious! That’s archaic’
‘Get your booth out of bed and cook. So you starved last night’
‘I eat sandwich’
How long are you staying’
‘Not sure, but seriously thinking about later today’
Relax, he won’t eat you. If there is a place you need quiet, it’s his house’
‘Thanks but….’
‘You have an itchy finger to touch him’
‘Naughty you, no way. I just don’t feel…’
‘Look he has that effect on all my friends, he doesn’t know he is attractive though’
‘Don’t be silly, what effect are you talking about’
‘You are asking me…you are already incoherent. Isn’t he handsome?
‘I have seen many handsome men in my young life’
‘Please don’t give me that celebrity, A list artist gimmick. He is a pretty boy’
‘I never said he is not’
‘He just sent me a text now’
‘He did?’
‘Wait…. it says…I didn’t know you keep friends who peep at their friends cousins in the bathroom’
‘Oh my God’ She prayed to die again.’
‘Got you now, just what I was talking’
‘This is outrageous, how could he do that’
‘Do what? Did you peep or not’
‘Karen that silly!’
‘Don’t so uptight, he is joking’
‘Now that’s an accusation, I was just passing and the bathroom door was opened’
‘I believe you’ Karen said and burst into laughter.
‘Whatever’ She replied, very angry with him.
‘Look one of the reasons I sent you to him is he doesn’t even know who you are. He cares nothing about super star musicians’
‘Great! Will you come pick me up at least? I got into this house with just the clothes on my back and my phone. Nothing more’
‘I can’t’
‘I have a mad schedule, make it evening. Meanwhile take your bath, cook, eat, and write some hit songs’
‘Good idea, I could write a song about an egocentric man who thinks a woman is peeping at him in the bathroom’ She chided
‘Wonderful, I know you’ll come up with something fantastic’ Karen gave an hysterical laughter. ‘Got to go see you later’

Professor Kadiri must be a very silly man, Adesuwa thought as she let the phone drop on the settee.

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