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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, may we officially welcome you to Butterfly Romance blogsite, Nigeria’s newest romance story factory! We must thank you for visiting, and we know you will also thank us in return, because you will get lots of fulfillment from visiting our blog site.

Now besides that you get to read first (and that’s exclusive to you) recaps and chapters from our upcoming books- From tender romances and suspenseful adventures to heartwarming stories, tales of passion and historical sagas - there’s something here for everyone. In all our romance books you'll find love, seduction, fantasy and mystery. So grab a book - or two and be taken away to the realm of romance. You will also get lots of professional tips for your relationship. That, we guarantee!

We would also be sending you email tips, and that’s why you should join our e-mailing list and fan club. Send the the word ‘fan-club’ to ……… That way you will get our VIP treatments. You will also get invite to our events FREE! Like we always say-what are you will waiting for?

This week, we are sharing with you one of our hot new series coming up:


Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

Very cool!

Akin said...

Absolutely! Gracias