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Tuesday, 17 July 2012



We thank you all for the awesome LOVE you have shown to our 2 new tittles: ANOTHER LOVE SONG, and POLICE LOVE STORY. We 've had rave reviews and many of you have sent heart warming emails to us. We appreciate all of you and we say GRACIAS.

We encourage you to continue to buy our books especially as we are coming out with new genres for children and teenagers and also relationship help books. Please tell everyone about our books, and the honey dripping love stories in them.

Some of our readers have redeemed their prizes and we want more people to win in our buy and win promo.

As we expand we need more distributors to effectively touch other states of the federation and indeed West Africa. So what are you waiting for.

More tittles are in the offing, especially ones that befits the quiet and cold raining season! It will surely keep your company and make you warm.

Please let us know what you think of our books via our email and this blog, they are so, so important to us.

Once again GRACIAS!

Butterfly Romance Team

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